Saturday, April 20, 2019

OlamondNaija Exclusive: Burna Boy set to drop new album ‘African Giant’

The music star had a private listening session in Los Angeles, United States of America where he played songs from his next...

Nigeria: A country in the grip of unending violence

LORD Fredrick Lugard, a one-time governor general of Nigeria, didn’t get the consent of the people(s) of Nigeria before he cobbled the...

How poetry, songs pulled down 30 years of dictatorship in Sudan

From time unknown to man, the mass of society has been engaged in an endless war with some agents of Lucifer...

Drowned Benue State University student Kole Christopher buried at the river bank in order...

The Student Union Government of the Benue State University has reacted to criticisms over the way late Kole Christopher, was buried.

The Worth Of A Mother

There are certain things we can live without in life, but, unquestionably it does not include the affection of a mother. I...

Mothers with four kids have two heads – Sisi Yemmie reveals

Popular Nigerian food blogger, Sisi Yemmie, has spoken about motherhood and she said moms with four kids or more have two heads.

“Police must defend us, not kill us,” Femi Kuti blows hot on reform

Femi Kuti believes the Police Force is important to curbing crime but must work for law-abiding Nigerians, not against them

Happy Birthday To Prince Aduroja Olamond

He is my boss, mentor, brother, friend, teacher and a source of inspiration to me. Olamondnaija Let me say something about you. You want things...

Ten pure signs he is in love with you

It’s always an amazing feeling when the guy we love actually loves us back. When we’re not sure about his love, though,...

6 Places You Should Never Toast A Nigerian Girl

Some Nigerian guys tend to toast (woo) any girl they are interested in without even considering the time and place. Not minding...

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