Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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5 Top Nigerian Fashion Creators on YouTube

Nigerian fashion is diverse, unique and is renowned for reflecting the nuances of the many, varied ethnic groups, religions and cultures that...

Fulani and Hausa: What’s the difference?

The Hausa and Fulani are two ethnic groups which were formerly distinct but are now intermixed to the extent of being regarded as one inseparable ethnic nation.

Four Compliments You Should Never Give As They Are Actually Insulting

You may have the best of intentions, but you may want to consider checking yourself before passing compliments on friends and family.

OlamondNaija Opinion: Women like to demand total honesty from men at all times; but...

Either expressly stated or just simply presumed, women set a demand for men who would be forthright from the very beginning. You...

Here are 7 of the worst excuses a partner can ever give for cheating

When we recently asked our followers on Instagram to share the worst things they've ever heard from cheating partners, we knew we...

Six Tricks That Can Make Your Perfume Last Longer On You

You spritz your fragrance on in the morning, and less than an hour...

Olamond Naija Top 10 most dangerous tourist attractions in Africa

You wouldn't believe it, but Africa is home to some of the most dangerous attractions in the world. It is best to be careful when visiting these sites.

The Naira is suffering so badly right now, here’s why you should be worried...

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has been holding on to scarce foreign currencies in its coffers, in order to shore up the Naira and prevent a depletion of the nation's foreign reserves.

Read 6 health benefits of Garri

Garri made from tubes and roots of the cassava plant contains proteins, fat, carbohydrates, iron, Vitamin B and C and also...

Nigeria records 143 new COVID-19 cases as FG worries about low testing

143 new cases of the coronavirus were recorded across Nigeria on Monday, August 31, 2020.

Asuquo Godwin – Outstanding Nigerian Digital Artist & Top Nigerian Photographer Speaks On First...

Asuquo Godwin Photography is no newbie when it comes to artistry & quality digital exhibition of arts & imagery. Following his passion for the Nigerian budding in fashion & photography industry, he has contributed great impact and unique nitch in making exceptional gigs in promoting Nigeria’s photography sector unto international scene.

Health Talk: Managing People During and Post Covid-19 Era By Mrs Motunrayo Williams Johnson

It's no longer news that covid-19 is here with us, the time for self denial has passed, covid-19 has come to stay....


Today a new legend has be revealed!

FASHION & LIFESTYLE: Yoruba is allegedly an official language in Brazil

Brazil has accumulated quite a number of Yoruba speakers and Orisha worshippers.

Meet the Kambari people: One of the few naked tribes of Nigeria

A reclusive people, the Kambari people pride themselves as being as independent from the government as possible.