What Most People Don’t Know About Marlian’s President


Today, Official Olamond Naija decided to unveil the unpopular facts and figures about the controversial Nigeria’s street vocal Artiste, Afeez Fashola also known as Naira Marley.
Naira Marley went to Peckham Academy where he graduated with a distinction in business. He went further to study at Crossways College, now Christ the King Sixth Form College, where he completed his business law.


He is now a Multimillionaire, Married two wives and blessed with four(4) Children.

The shocking aspect of his biography is that, He is a Master Degree holder!!! Can you beat that???

Marlians, Zero Manners, No belt, Marlians dont graduate blablabla, you are doing yourself!🤣😁
“ Iwa Lewa Mi OlamondNaija ”. Meaning, True behavior is the reflection of your true personality.Despite the supposed forgery allegations and thefts crimes and court charges attached to his names, It’s so saddened that some Nigerian youths refuses to pick and celebrate the positive nature and success of this young musician, Naira Marley. His odds life style, smoking of weeds, wearing trousers without belts [sagging], For-telling slangs like, “No manners” womanizing and so on. Naira is a role model, but the question is, is he a positive influence to you or negative ?


I implore all youths across the globe to be a more Academy achiever like naira Marley, don’t be a drop out because he’s never a drop out. Naira Marley is a master Degree holder from a prestigious university abroad. Aside his educational background, he’s still a responsible father to his kids even pay bills and make is relatives smile in terms of financial assistance. He’s a musician, not a jobless or a idle youth. Please wake up guys. Let’s pick the positive side of this young man.


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