Curbing Corruption In Nigeria


Yes, of course!!! “Corruption is a crime against humanity and poisonous cankerworm that drains and sabotages the wealth of a succeeding nation”.      There are innumerable economic gains that can accrue from President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption  battle which has wreaked havoc on the nation’s international image. It is the way man visualizes and understand a problem that determines how best he get appropriate solution to the problem. President Buhari’s  inspired motive and procedures towards the drastic eradication of corruption in Nigeria is commendable but if he saddle too much on the same platform ‘fighting corruption’ alone without tackling other important issues, he may only be known as a corruption fighter but not as a corruption conquerer.     Substantially, the act of arresting and jailing every political and non-political elite that derives joy in looting and embezzling the common wealth that is, national cake  is a very impressive step but the procedures are not appropriately taken.    Sincerely speaking, this. Is the high time that Nigeria’s socio- political and religious leaders must focus more on the causes of corruption not to keep chasing the people that fine and wine with corruption alone. The political leaders that derives joy in embezzling  nation’s wealth are nothing but ‘ambassadors of poverty’. They should not be exposed alone but must also face thorough prosecution.     A nation that is a free egalitarian society with well tolerable masses that are blessed with distinctive economic development,outstanding profitable jobs, sound education and stable democracy system of government will never be deteriorated by corruption.      Truthfully, Nigeria does not rawly have all the qualitative attributes that makes corruption reduces in the society.     Therefore, justifiable and progressive procedures that can neutralize the high  level of corruption in Nigeria are illustrated below judiciously:       Firstly, the genesis of corruption and other unlawful acts does not begin within the political sector. Corruption begin within the home where some parents no longer serve as good mirrors for their children. Some parents don’t find it shameful to purchase examination questions for their wards or buy result. Some mothers even encourage their daughters to dress indecently. One truth is that, the upbringing of a child and religious belief that a child imbibed determines how corrupt or morally oriented a child becomes in the nearest future. Nigeria’s religious leaders, socio-political leaders, parents at homes and teachers in the schools should rebuild the mindset of themselves, their children and fellow citizenry in an appropriate manner that will reduce immorality within the society. They should cultivate the spirit of decency, perseverance, contentment, honesty, hardworking and tolerance within themselves at all times.     Secondly, the judiciary arms of government must be more effective and efficient in their prosecuting activities. They should not prolong the judiciary processes of prosecution because if not properly handled, it can give room for manipulation. Judgement should be done accurately and speedly. Therefore, the law enforcement agency must not only expose the looters, they must succeed in curbing corruption by making it mandatory to prosecute and jail any looter that is found guilty. Furthermore,  the EFCC agency  must explore multilateral technical co-operation on corruption to develop mechanism that will help the masses to develop good heart that discourage outright stealing of public funds. The law enforcement agency must rebuild the strategies of arresting their looters. They should gather enough solid facts and figures before charging accused person to law court.     Thirdly, Nigeria’s masses  and the leaders must share equal fundamental rights and obligations regardless of the ethnic groups, religion and tribes.we must all abide with the constitution of the country at all times. National cakes and public funds must not be injudiciously utilize by anybody. We should all understand that a corrupt life is one devoid of God’s blessings. A corrupt society experiences the consequences of corruption. All the problems our country is facing today are as a result of our deep romance with all forms of corruption at all levels. If our leaders in all sphere of life bid farewell to financial sleaze and the followers do the same, our country will surely progress. At the same time, if we all resolve to embrace moral uprightness in all our dealings, it is clear that God Almighty will shower His forgiveness and mercy upon us once again, then, we will become the glorious country we ever dream to become . God bless Nigeria!Written: Prince Aduroja Olamiju DavidEmail: olamonddavidaduroja@gmail.comTwitter: @olamondDave


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