South African govt boast that their recent concluded election was free and fair


The Government of South Africa has insisted that the outcome of the just-concluded National and Provincial elections in the country reflected the choice of the people.

The government said that the elections was a demonstration of active citizenship and patriotism by the people and a reaffirmation that the country’s democracy remains strong.

This was contained in a piece forwarded to DAILY POST by Ms Phumla Williams, acting Director-General and the South Africa’s Cabinet spokesperson, where the country maintained that the successful conclusion of the elections has built on its legacy of free and fair elections since 1994

Williams’ article read, “Prior to and during the sixth national and provincial elections there were many articles on the state of our nation. Unsurprisingly many of these were deeply reflective and focused on the challenges facing South Africa.

“The South African government would be the first to admit that there are challenges, but without context there can be no true reflection of the true state of our nation.

“This year South Africa marks 25 Years of Freedom since our democratic breakthrough in 1994. To some 25 years may seem like a long time, however when viewed against our starting point we remain a young democracy.


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