Gabriel Afolayan assumes the role of a certified criminal in ‘Coming From Insanity’

Gabriel Afolayan will return to the screen assuming the role of a certified criminal in ‘Coming From Insanity.’


The film’s trailer shows an angry Afolayan evolving from a regular houseboy into a wanted criminal and eventually a villain. Afolayan tries to convince his colleague in the mansion where he works as a houseboy to quit their jobs for a better life ahead. The audience is taken into the background of the story as Kossi speaks with a French-laced English language.

Another scene from the two-minute long trailer shows Kossi getting acquainted with his new found road to good life and wealth. Kossi is shown as a genius who became a notorious currency counterfeiter and a thorn in the flesh of the Nigerian Police.

Dakore Akande appears in a short scene that portrays her as the wealthy matriarch of the dynasty, where Kossi works as a houseboy. Also notably seen in the film’s trailer is Bolanle Ninalowo, who takes on the role of a mercenary killing a number of security aides. 

Odunlade Adekola and Gabriel Afolayan in a scene from 'Coming From Insanity. [YouTube/The Movement Pro. Pictures]

Odunlade Adekola and Gabriel Afolayan in a scene from ‘Coming From Insanity. [YouTube/The Movement Pro. Pictures]

‘Coming From Insanity,’ tells the real-life story of 12-year-old, Kossi, with genius-level intelligence. Kossi is one of many children trafficked through the Nigerian borders from Togo. He ends up with the Martins, an upper-middle class family of four in Lagos. At their home, he will work overtime for his meals and shelter as a houseboy. Fast forward to the present day, Kossi is still a houseboy with the Martins. He dreams of a better life, but with barely any education, he knows his future is compromised. He relies on his natural abilities and talent to carve out a way for himself, soon discovering the art of counterfeit money printing and floating the most flawless counterfeit dollars this side of the world. Now out on his own, he employs the services of a few friends and grows the operation substantially, landing him on the radar of a young determined agent at the EFCC who will stop at nothing to bring him to justice.1/1 Coming From Insanity – Official Trailer


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