“My Wife Sacrificed Her Career For Me” – Djokovic


In an interview to Jay Shetty, Novak Djokovic commented on how his wife Jelena helped him to get success. Djokovic said: “I truly do not believe in something is impossible. I believe everything is possible. My wife has been my girlfriend for a long time ever since I was 18, that’s when we started dating and she used to play tennis and that’s where we started to date.

We knew each other for five or five years before we started dating and she went to study in Italy in Milan and more or less in the same time I came to Monaco to follow my coach at the time, and I started having Monaco as a base.

Milan is close to Monaco so she often came here. That’s how it all started and when she finished studies she was obviously she was having a lot of opportunities for her own career but she sacrificed that in order to live my career, live my dream in order to save the relationship so I am grateful for her and what she has done for our relationship and for me and I keep on continuing to learn from her so much.”

She introduced me to yoga actually, back in the days when she was studying. She is a huge reader, she likes to read everything and anything, she likes to write as well and she was being big on journalism at the time. And I remember when I was quite young from my parents and my tennis mother, I learned how to kind of write and have specific things that I wanted to share on paper, like what I am grateful for, which was nice but then I lost that, I did not do it for many years and then she reminds me of that so I started doing it again and it felt great because I felt like I could release a lot of things that I was having inside me.
But also yoga, she learned about it because she was so stressed during her studies, she was spending the whole day obviously studying on her books, student life is not easy so she was looking at ways to relax herself, get energy, she was not drinking coffee or any of these things and she came to yoga and she was sharing it with me so I started doing it, the breathing, pranayama, sun salutations, and everything I have been doing featured some yoga, on a daily basis, and she has been a very significant integral part of my life and evolution.
And what I am really grateful for is that not only that we truly love each other and we truly transparent honesty, but we also have help from the universe to actually be in a very similar states of consciousness and certain stages of our life so we can help each other and learn better and grow faster in certain areas that we chose.
She would agree that when we became parents four years ago, that has completely shifted our world upside down. Up to that moment we were also spiritual but still quite basic compared to what has happened after that and we truly believe that our kids are Masters and teachers and they come to this life to bring lessons for us and help for us to understand a lot of things on ourselves on a deeper level and a lot of things we have to work on which is quite contrary to what society thinks, that we are teaching me which we are of course but actually I have been talking her a lot about that and now we have a baby girl that is one year old and she is a healer, she really brings energy to this world and she has skyrocketed our attention”.


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