Tunde Kelani screens new film shot with Smartphone at iREP film festival

Tunde Kelani has screened his new film shot with a smartphone at the ongoing iREP International Documentary Film Festival.


The veteran filmmaker joined the league of global filmmakers who are using smartphones for film productions. 

‘Yoruba Without Border’, Kelani’s new collaborative effort with Bola Bello, was shot with two smartphones. A

old festival attendees that he decided to try his hands on shooting with a smartphone after stumbling on American film director, Steven Soderberg‘s ‘Unsane’ film shot with an iPhone.

Organisers of iREP documentary film festival honour Bolanle Austen Peters

Organisers of iREP documentary film festival honour Bolanle Austen Peters

The 73-year-old filmmaker further revealed that the film was shot over a week and two days while post-production took about six weeks.

The phone today is more than just a tool for communication. Once you are familiar with the gadgetry, you can use it for your film and nowadays almost all the softwares found on the camera is available on a smartphone,” said Kelani.

Tunde Kelani at iREP 2019 [Instagram/iREPfilmfestival]

Tunde Kelani at iREP 2019 [Instagram/iREPfilmfestival]

‘Yoruba Without Border’ traces Yorubas living in Port Novo, Republic of Benin and celebrates their cultural heritage. The film also touched on how the language blurs the seeming borders and promote humanity.

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This year marks the ninth edition of iREP international documentary film festival which over the years has celebrated the less glamorous film genre.

The festival continues till Sunday, March 24, 2019 with a robust lineup of films and panel discussions. 1