Offset Will Have to Prove He’ll Stay Loyal for Cardi B to Ever Take Him Back


Offset is really trying to get Cardi B back admist the cheating rumors around him. A source close to Cardi told the media that despite their split, she’s been enjoying all of the efforts Offset is making. “Offset has always loved showering Cardi B with gifts, and he’s doing it hardcore now more than ever in an effort to win her back,” ,“Cardi enjoys showing off what Offset buys her, and she feels she has total control of the situation when it comes to being with him again or not, which she loves.”

At this moment Cardi is just trying to focus on herself and Kulture. “Cardi has been very busy traveling with a few close girlfriends and enjoying girl time with them and trying to just relax and be present,” our source went on to say. “Kulture is primarily with Cardi and Offset sees his daughter Kulture when he can, but Cardi feels it’s important for Kulture to see Offset as much as he can, too. Cardi is obsessed with Kulture and being a mom.
Although , the path to forgiveness will be all about loyalty, and Cardi wants Offset to prove his to her. “Cardi is still very open to a repaired relationship with Offset, but what he did really hurt her and she hasn’t forgiven him,” our source added. “Offset is fully aware he has to put in the work. Cardi is telling friends actions speak louder than words, and she firmly believes she did nothing.