Check out Seyi Shay’s awesome editorial for Accelerate TV’s magazine

After a long hiatus, Seyi Shay is back and she's a woman on a mission. Take a look at her candid interview and stylish editorial with Accelerate.


She’s one of the foremost talents we have here in Nigeria and after a long hiatus, she’s burst back on the scene feeling good and looking better than ever. Check out Seyi Shay’s awesome editorial for Accelerate TV’s magazine.

Singer and songwriter Seyi Shay is the cover girl for Accelerate TV’s magazine ‘The Cover’. For the cover feature, the Seyi looks the picture of happiness as she wears a statement oversized mini dress by Trisha Hallie Couture. For the editorial, Seyi Shay is sty celebrated designer Tokyo James, in a series of high-fashion looks and we must say, this is the best we have seen her look.

In the interview, the popular singer talks about her approach to style, her unique personality and her experience on the music scene in Atalanta.


Seyi Shay colour blocks in an orange top and pink midi skirtplaySeyi Shay colour blocks in an orange top and pink midi skirt

 (Accelerate TV)

Seyi Shay is on trend in a black fringe dressplaySeyi Shay is on trend in a black fringe dress

 (Accelerate TV)


Read excerpts below:

On her experience in Atlanta: The music scene in Atlanta is constantly buzzing, they always support themselves. I was in the studio for about 8 weeks or so and on the sixth week, I think, the week that Sarz was around, Yung Geezy came to the studio and we had a really cool get-together. It was almost like we were celebrating the completion of my new project.

He came down with Ludacris, Meek Mill and many more. So many people came through, we listened to music and everybody was blown away, everybody was just so excited about what was about to happen with Afrobeats globally. I’m glad to be part of the ride, I’m glad to be part of this evolution because it means that now I’ve come into myself and I’m ready to just take over the world.

On her style: Well my style is very dependent on my mood and luckily sometimes my mood is fashionable, sometimes people love what I wear and sometimes people don’t. You can’t always get it right, especially if you’re, I would say an entrepreneur at fashion, in the sense that I don’t follow trends, I tend to just wear what I like or what feels really cool and comfortable and luckily people like it. I collaborate with really great designers and really fantastic stylists. My favourite designers all over the world are Nigerian designers. Not because I’m Nigerian, but just because of the innovation, creativity, colours, texture and the culture. You just can’t get it anywhere else.

Photography: @oak_c
Creative directing & Styling: @tokyojamess
Hair: @dolchebeautyltd
Makeup: @tinny
Clothing: @trishahalliecouture


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