Inspirational Message: Reality Of The Moment By Mrs Motunrayo Williams Johnson


Reality is the state of things as they actually exist. The state or quality of having existence of substance.

Moment is a very brief period of time.

Invariably, no time or condition as they say is permanent but we should be mindful of the terms and conditions of the moment we are in.
Obviously, we all are aware of the effects of the Economy globally but majority failed to adjust.
Prior to this time, one could afford to buy or secure things not necessarily to be consumed at the moment or that could still be thrown away but now common sense tells us to re-adjust as the money available is not even enough to meet all the bills.
A wife who spends her husband’s money anyhow must do a rethink and a wife who failed to utilize her husband’s money might regret it in future.
The reverse is the case of a wife whom her husband is a pain in her neck, the husband monitors and spends his wife’s money anyhow not mindful of the moment that has changed. Such a family will suffer hardship in future.
Are you a student who lives a flamboyant life in school or outside the school at the expense of your parents’ income? Why not adjust your plans to fit into the reality of the moment and save towards the future in order to live a comfortable life.
The aso ebi is not compulsory, make use of what you have.
Is it a must for you to live in a four bedroom or a duplex in an highbrow area? Women are the problem and unfortunately some men are not assertive when it comes to that and that is why we hear all kinds of stories of husband or wife killing themselves after they are pushed to the wall.
As an individual or even as a family, we need to adjust, drop the fake life and face the reality of the moment. Wives, husbands and children plan within what you can afford, don’t go outside your means so as not to end in a disgraceful way. Is it a must that your children should school outside the country? Must your children go to private schools when there are Government schools? Some women want to belong by all means… Be warned!
Manage with what you have.
I hope i have been able to convince and not confuse you. Thank you for being part of today’s career talk. For any question or enquiries, kindly contact Kami Empowerment Foundation on 08035220770