LOVE MATTER: The Purpose Of Dating, By Olamond Naija



Don’t love deeply until you’re sure that the other person loves you with the same depth.

Because the depth of your love today is the depth of your wound tomorrow.

The purpose of dating is to find someone you can spend the rest of your life with, that’s it…

You don’t date to waste someone’s time..
You don’t date to have someone feed your ego..
You don’t date to temporarily fill a void emotionally or physically .
You don’t date because of sex…
You don’t date because you’re lonely..

Date to find that “one” person who you feel like you can spend the rest of your life with..

> Having Known The Purpose Of Dating> What Kind Of Person Should I Date??

√ Date someone who understands you even in the madness..

√ Be in love with someone who takes your happiness as his/her priority..such person will never hurt you..

√ Date someone who wants you; with such person you won’t beg for attention..

√ Date your friend, who supports you and who believe in your vision.

√ Be with someone who is ready for marriage not wedding..

√ Date a matured mind not matured body..

√ Date someone who will see your strength in your weakness…

√ Be with someone who is proud to have you and love to show it…

√ Date someone that values communication, not overlooking compatibility and Care…

Love with purpose..
Without purpose love affairs becomes a mockery to the heart..


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