INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE: What are your prospects? By Founder Kami J Foundation, Mrs Motunrayo Williams-Johnson



Prospect is expectation of a particular event, condition, or development of definite interest or concern. It is also an advance realization of something to come. Prospect is the possibility or likelihood of some future event occurring.
From my own point of view, prospects are potentials or somethings deposited for an extensive manifestation for posterity.
Do you have any?

What are your aims or plans in life?

For one to live an indelible life, one must have qualities of prospect. Any human being who does not live for prospect, has no dream to achieve.
Prospect is the whole essence of human existence in a particular place and at a particular time.
We all have diverse prospects depending on what an individual is into or wish to accomplish.
As a child, you must have prospect, as a student, you must be burning with several prospect in order to have an edge over others. As a parent, you are expected to have numerous prospects over your family life as an individual. A married lady who has been rubbed of her individuality by her spouse might find it difficult to have prospect beyond bearing and rearing of children. While there are men who lack prospect simply because they are mentally bankrupt, they depend on their wives for everything in life and their primary vision is only on how to monitor their wives’ phones to know when she gets alert. If you fall into that category of monitoring your wife’s or husband’s phone, please, desist before it gets late
As an employee, what are your prospects for that company or you are the type that does not make influence, only conscious of salary and you can not multitask, you need to adjust before machine will replace you. What else can you do? Learn to do other things.

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