Inspirational Message: LOVE By Mrs Motunrayo Williams Johnson



Love encompasses a variety of different emotional and mental states, typically, strongly and positively experienced, ranging from the most interpersonal affection to the simplest pleasure.
Love can make or mar one’s life depending on how an individual takes it. Love is an essential aspect of human life. It is the greatest commandment by God. Love your neighbour as yourself. It can only mar one, if it is taken to the extreme.
Love is a language used globally. Some people are lucky to have loving fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, wives and husbands but some are not just fortunate to enjoy love i.e. the reverse is the case.
I recall in 2011, I met a pretty lady who had become mentally challenged as a result of the heartbreak she suffered when her fiancé broke up with her. There are a few men who have suffered same fate.

Surprisingly, love cannot be predetermined. Never take people that love you for granted because many are out there to hurt and not to love.

It is good to love genuinely but never ignore knowledge and wisdom principles which will invariably yield good outcome.

To those who have had bitter experiences about love, never close your heart that love does not exist, just know that you are not there yet because real love still exists.

It is not everybody you share your past with because you do not know their capacity to accept your past experiences.

Be extremely careful before you fall in love because it might not be the same on the other side.

Thank you for being part of my esteemed readers today.

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