Productive Guidelines To Note In Establishing And Running An NGO By President/ Founder Kami Empowerment Foundation , Mrs Williams-Johnson Moturayo Mariam


The motivational Speaker and true advocate of humanitarianism wrote and sent the via whatsapp and facebook weekly memo to Exclusive Olamond Naija earlier on monday morning to educate people on how to run a productive NGO programme..Below, you read her words of inspirations.


It is important to settle certain foundations – First of which is that, there must be a push either through your passion, situation and circumstance around you or as led by God.
Secondly, what exactly is an NGO/ Foundation – It is a Non Government Organization which neither belongs to the Government nor associated therewith. It is also a non profit organization that render free services to a target audience in the society.

How To Start…
• Your passion or area of interest must be identified as the Paramount thing which would pave way for what you intend to run.
• Identify your target audience- focus on your interest because you cannot reach out to everybody. Leverage on your target audience.
• You must have a steady source of income. You should be the first to partner with the vision before anybody does.
• Choose a name for your Foundation/ NGO.
• Register the name with the regulatory body.
• Write out your vision and believe in it strongly.
• Sell your vision to anybody you come across. This is one reason expand your circle of your acquaintances.
• Get mentors from different professions who will guide you, in order to avoid pitfalls they might have encountered as well.
• Create a platform to showcase what you do. However, it is advisable not spend on advertising in the media, in the initial. Stay focused while you become famous and be determine to influence lives.
Having said that, here’s a few necessary tips to be mindful of…
• Be friendly to everybody you come in contact with – they are potential partners for your Foundation. You’ll never know the extent a friendship can take you. Remember you need people to make your vision a reality.

• Consider your family in all you do especially when making decisions.

• Be selfless – pay less attention to personal gains and more to impacting positively on others.

• Don’t take offense at those who may not be able support you at the initial stage. Certain people take their time to observe first before they reach a decision, while some give their support in some other ways or forms. I have friends who do not support my foundation but support my family and career.

• Envy (Hatred and Jealousy -are strong words) based on people’s lack of understanding may hinder them from supporting your Foundation/NGO.
• Commitment to other causes other than yours.
• An unpleasant attitude from the Visioner or workers in the Foundation/NGO could be a major hindrance as well.
• Familiarity (with who?) is another point that hinders people from supporting one’s vision.
• Lack of conviction about your cause or purpose of your Foundation/NGO for whatever reasons.
• Negative past experiences with other Founders of NGOs/Foundations.
Have it at the back of your mind that your primary assignment is to influence lives with the resources you have and the ones given by your friends and partners

• Champion your cause as a Partner firstly.
• Let people know what you do.
• Explain your vision to everybody around you.
• Expand your circle of acquaintances and influence in order to have more people to share your vision with and get more partners.
• Learn to market your vision wherever you go, regardless of any challenge.
• Develop various means to intimate and remind your partners when necessary.
• Get educated and expose yourself in order to reach the international world and attract grants and sponsors.
• Don’t be too conscious of financial support from partners alone other good gestures could still be rendered.
• Take advantage of different platforms to showcase your programmes or activities.
• Ensure constant updates on ideas and offerings to your partners.
• Ensure equality in the treatment of all partners and acknowledge God as your primary source in the NGO/Foundation.
As much as possible follow peace with all, even when they are not aligned with you.
You can also reach kami J on 08170752386.
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